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Pearl Choker, Wedding Necklace, Handmade Brides Statement Pearl Choker , Weddings Pearl Necklace with Satin Ribbon


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Pearls take a very special place in my work!

I love creating different variations of different size of pearls!

The length of pearl part is 7'' and adjustable with satin ribbon

I worked on the design about 2 years .It was very difficult for me to decide about the size of pearls.
It was very delicate to keep the intervals and matching pearls to keep correct proportion of the necklace.

Finally I made the necklace with 8 strands of different size pearls .

I wanted to keep the bold , chunky as well as elegant look of the choker for brides!

Please visit my shop every week and have a look my new , different color of pearl necklaces and chokers. I am sure one or more of them is definitely for you:))